Vision & Mission


• Education does not only determine that where are you going to work but it determines the life you would be living thereafter.
• Our vision is to create a CAMPUS where all nationalities, regions, occupations and age groups able to learn and achieve their dreams.
•Tobe a premier focus of management education.
• To nurture thought leaders and practitioners through inventive education. Shaping a better future for mankind by developing effective and socially responsible individuals and organizations.


Gvime is comitted to provide high quality management & Engineering education across the globe.The key benefit is flexibility of learning anytime anywhere. The curriculum combines latest academic knowledge with international competence.

Why reaching within top 10 in every sphere of management education.To develop management professionals through qualitative education to meet the emerging challenges of the new business environment.

At Gvime we dedicate our intellectual resources to advancing the frontier of business knowledge and educating future leaders. In this global, culturally diverse and technologically advanced social arena, characterizd by rapid change and complex interdependencies, we aim to empower business and their leaders to understand and address the far reaching changes affecting the world.

Our Mission is to prepare the innovative and entrepreneurial leaders of the future with the capacity to anticipate and manage change in international business and the professional environment. At Gvime we ensure that our students become complete and successful managers in the shortest period and make a very bright future for better life.

Therefore, students from our accredited and approved courses can be confident that they hold a nationally and internationally recognized award which will open doors and enhance their career opportunities. Our Goals and Objectives
• To give a global perspective.
• To develop competent and effective professional managers.
• To foster intellectual excellence.
• To acquire systematic approach to identification of business problems and their solutions.
• To teach the practical skills for everyday life.
• To acquire a broad knowledge of concepts, policies and techniques applicable to efficient